Friday, September 13, 2013

Hudak Boots Hillier To Back-Bench! Will Randy Bolt?

TORONTO - It’s been a week for tough decisions for Tim Hudak.

Days after he was forced to drop Thornhill MPP Peter Shurman from the prestigious finance critic role, the PC leader has dumped controversial rural maverick Randy Hillier from his critic portfolio, moved him to the backbench and stripped him of his committee responsibilities.

Sources say Hudak was forced into the move because Hillier broke the cardinal rule of caucus secrecy, leaking inside information about what was discussed by Tory MPPs to the media.

Sounds like Tim thinks the leaked emails came from Hillier himself.  Most interesting bit is the suggestion that Hillier fed information to the OLP.  Almost treasonous, if this is in fact the case.  Least interesting bit is...

[Hillier's] website had no mention of his PC party affiliation Thursday.

...because I don't think it ever did.  Wayback machine suggests it never did, anyway.


crf said...

This kicking of Hudak's teeth has been a great sport in the PC party. That's Hudak's gone years doing nothing about it made him look pathetic and unelectable. What made him decide that he was going to now stop abiding these sabotaging traitors in his party?

Paul Kuster said...

My guess is now having Jacqui Delaney and Mark Bonokoski giving Hudak a backbone instead of a wishbone. He might start believing his own message now. Despite all this , latest poll shows statistical dead heat between all 3 parties. Meanwhile, K Wynne still thinks she's welcome in rural Ont ,attending Int'l Plowing Match, pretending she cares.

Dennis Hollingsworth said...

Hillier's words and actions have always struck as coming from the Lying, Chiselling & Weaselling School of Human Conduct.

In addition his appearance projects the spitting image of a Weasel !!