Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Broken Ankle Is A Pain In The Ass

Probably be worse if it was mine.  But boy is the wife ever complaining!

Had her in to see the ortho guy this morning and, as such things go, its not  serious. The fibula, I think. Off work for a week; in a cast for eight weeks.

Emerge at Scarborough General last night was surprisingly efficient; they weren't crowded and we were done in two hours.   Wife says it's because nobody wants to go there. Anyway, not much blogging today as I shop for T3s and other medical supplies.  Luckily we have a Goodl-Life Gym nearby.

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Dr.Dawg said...

She has my complete sympathy. My cast is now off, and the physio is just beginning. Not the biggest thing; but not a small thing.

Please pass on my commiserations.