Saturday, January 25, 2014

Target Is A French Word Meaning...

..."we're out of that item on special in our weekly flier."

Although on this occasion  at least their employees weren't hiding, engaged in orgies or smoking crack in the staff cafeteria.  They were quite helpful, as a matter of fact:  "I don't have this; we've sold out all of that.  Sorry.  Sorry.  Sorry.  Sorry."

Walmart rules OK.  At least out here in Scarborough or,  as we natives call it:  The Bro.

That is all.


Dana said...

You shop at Walmart?

How disillusioning.

Southern Quebec said...

Target should just pack up and go home. The one I went into in Quebec was pretty much empty -- of people and merchandise. (expanding those stores sure made a lot of sense, eh?). I left after noticing only French only signs.

You shop at Walmart?

CuJoYYC said...

Attention Walmart (And Target, and Starbuck's and …) shoppers. Please read this

e.a.f. said...

You shop at Walmart? Why would people continue to shop at Wal=mart? They sell junk from China, pay the workers so little 80% of them in the U.S.A. qualify for some sort of social assistance and treat the workers like shit.

Try shopping at a local store, and look for goods made in North America. You don't need 20 t-shirts. shopping at Wal Mart is bad for the enviornmnt.

Thad said...

We fell for the Target ad bait and no-switch too. Never had the advertised merch in the first place.