Saturday, January 18, 2014

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Watch the 2nd episode of 24/7, the PMO's weekly propaganda video:

But don't play it while you're doing anything that requires an alert mind, like juggling chainsaws or picking fleas off a baby rhino.  Seriously, folks,  there ought to be a warning label on this thing saying you shouldn't drive or operate heavy machinery while it's on.  I haven't passed out so fast since I watched Andrew Coyne talk monetary policy.   But even then, Andrew would occasionally say cashola and I'd snap back to attention.

This video has no redeeming qualities.


Hardy Weinberg said...
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Hardy Weinberg said...

Hey contacted you on twitter... long time follower of your blog. Not sure if you saw there was a recent post of the accompanying party if PM Harper to Israel. Now most of these are business people and Jewish community leaders, which is fine and many of whom i respect. But one name stood out, Julius Suraski, the event coordinator for the rag tag team we know as the JDL.

Check out the link! Kind of funny that quietly spreading bigotry and being a certified nutjob gets a free trip courtasy of the Canadian Gov. Happy New year my friend

genius786 said...

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