Friday, April 24, 2015

New LPC Ad Is Pretty Clever

They've bought space during some of  tonight's hockey games, apparently.  Probably for just a night or two, and then they'll hope The Net spreads word a bit further.  They'll get good media coverage out of it.  It's clever and positive and on point.  Just one shot in the battle, but nicely aimed.


deb said...

love it, and the music is great.
this juxtaposed up against some of the dire messages the cons will promote( to a funeral dirge for sounds)

this lib ad does a good thing, informing cheerfully what a corrupt clown harper is.
and how much money is wasted promoting their fake programs

The Mound of Sound said...

totally love it

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Dan Aldham said...

These are great ads.
But even these ads play into the Conservative mantra. Government is too big, they have too much money to waste. We can cut more yet from government spending and taxpayers and voters can expect even more tax cuts.
Is that really the message the left want to deliver?