Tuesday, April 21, 2015


As you may know, Nanos does internal ballot tracking every week. Based on the four week rolling average, the Liberals are at 34 per cent, the Conservatives at 29 per cent, the NDP at 25 per cent, the Greens at eight per cent and the BQ at four per cent. Please take note of the bonus chart in this specific release. Ballot preferences are part of the Nanos Party Power Index weekly tracking study.

Someone be sure to tell this guy.  He the nervous nelly-est of them all these days.  

Of course the budget's just come out; the gov should get a positive bump out of that.  But it's all about positioning, baby.  And the LPC is positioned not goddamn bad if I do say so myself.  Not goddamn bad at all.


The Mound of Sound said...

Kinsella isn't nervous. There's another name for his affliction - schadenfreude. Team Justin gave WK the cold shoulder and he went into full-bore slam mode, something he exhibited earlier during his falling out with Ignatieff and, more recently, Chow. It's one of Warren's uglier character traits.

rumleyfips said...

MOS hits that nail. Kinsella's behaviour harkens back to the underhanded attacks on Cretien when Martin wanted to steer the boat. And we all know how that turned out.

I have never been able to get a comment through at Warren's blog. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Scotian said...


Well, it is comment moderated, so it never shows up immediately, although it should show with a header on it saying awaiting moderation. Have you ever managed to piss him off enough to tell you your done/gone? He has a willingness to ban those who piss him off, especially those who he feels is attacking him personally as opposed to what he is saying, or so I've noted. So far I've been allowed to comment there with nothing more than the occasional note from Kinsella about my writing length, like that's unusual for me to get from people...*chuckle*.

As for MoS's diagnosis on him, it does seem to be a consistent pattern with him that except when he is on a team he tends to focus on the critical only, but he would no doubt argue, and with some fairness to it, that he is providing the service of if you cannot stand up to critical scrutiny from your own side the other side will eat you alive, which given his particular approach to politics since he first came into it does fit his nature. As to any personal pleasure he gets out of doing it, I'll leave that to others to decide for themselves. I do know that back in the 80s when he was first making his name within the Lib party there were many older Lib shall we say institutional senior people who were more than a little uncomfortable with the level of aggression he brought to the table, because my familial mentor on one side was one such within the Libs and she had after one convention had more than a few choice words about him even then. So he clearly has been something of a polarizing personality for a long time even within his avowed preferred party.


On the polling thing, I watch for trends, and given that Trudeau has been on his weakest aspects since the attack on Parliament Hill, the PM has done all he could to look as leaderly as possible with foreign affairs and dominated the message, and given the last half year the CPC has started to talk up the NDP and Mulcair again, the fact that the Libs and Trudeau have not crashed long since I find a sign of remarkable resiliency. Then there are all those hundreds of thousands of new members who still seem to be hanging onto their memberships, so I am not as disturbed by some fluctuations so far. That doesn't mean that can't change, but to date given the pressures being brought onto the Lib numbers from various factors both intentional and situational, the resiliency to me seems to be a good sign for them. Just my own two cents on that.

Gale said...

There was another poll from Forum the other day as well with the Libs at 35, Con 33 and NDP 22. The general poll trend has seen a fair bit of back and forth since about February, but overall things have been pretty even with both parties being within about 3 or 4 points or each other.

rumleyfips said...

Scotian: Thanks. I don't even get the moderation notification.

Warren doesn't know me or of me but if he did I'm sure he would disapprove.