Thursday, January 07, 2010

Calling Dan Cook

Hello, Mr. Cook! You out there somewhere? Hallooo??? HALLLLOOOOOO???? I was wondering if you might do one of your cute "grass roots fury" cartoons now that the new EKOS poll has come out. If you are having trouble with the math drop me an e-mail and I will try to help you out. I also have an idea for the cartoon: I see a picture of Globe blogger with his head jammed up his ass.


Karen said...

I heard him on the radio, sticking by his cynical statements. It was before poll came out, but I doubt it'll affect him.

He seems wedded to scoffing and projecting a superior attitude.

Hope momentum keeps up and smokes him out of his delusion.

Fillibluster said...
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Ted Betts said...


- 53% oppose prorogation; 19 per cent support; 28% undecided.

- 60% of Ontarians oppose.

- Only a minority of Conservative supporters (46%) support.

- 38% think prorogation is being invoked to curtail an inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees.

Northern PoV said...

While virtually all pundits decry Harper's tactics, too many (Cook, Wells, Coyne et al) seem to delight in mocking the (alas) fledgling opposition to it. It seems like they are quickly becoming abettors.

Christian said...

KNB, I caught that interview as well. The one with John Moore, right? I haven't listened to Moore in a long while and accidentally hit the a.m button while trying to change stations.

Never heard of Cook until two days ago, but man, did he ever come off like a little snot.

Sticking up for harper, attacking the other parties, and daring them to take him down.

I wonder if he feels the same, given the numbers that are starting to roll out!

RuralSandi said...

Well, it seems like it's getting the ire of people other than in Facebook.

I live in small town Ontario. I cancelled the local paper because the Sun took it over and it's been very partisan.

I can read it online - very few letters to the editor showing a lack of interest in the paper (used to get many when small town people ran it).

Anyway, on Thursday's the paper is free and delivered to all homes becuase of sales "flyers" and low and behold letters galore to the editor - angry about losing our democracy, wasting our money, etc.

Seems like the button has been pushed a little too far by Harper.

JimBobby said...

Ummm... it Dan Cook, not Don.

I really hope the FB group can get its numbers up to >127K. That's the number that joined Stephen Taylor's anti-coalition FB group a year ago and the Cons and BTs all thought it was something to crow about.

I'm sensing a very dedicated effort to belittle the importance of Facebook "slactivism". If more peopel see FB as another communication method by which to voice a rallying cry - literally - then, it will prove useful.

The Pro-Democracy Rallies on January 23 will be the acid test. I'm coming to TO, btw. Meet up?


bigcitylib said...

Thanks JB, I rechecked that and swear I saw Don. My eyes must be starting to go.

Karen said...

Christian, yes it was on Moore's show.

What's funny is that he is on most mornings with him and until today, Moore has been right there with him, making fun of it all.

He certainly moderated those comments today.

RuralSandi said...

Dan Cook really needs to get a new photo. Looks like he's trying to portray the touchie reporter but he looks more like a photo of America's Most Wanted

Fillibluster said...
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Kurt Phillips said...

They're at 95,102 members now.

Kurt Phillips said...

And broke the 100,000 mark about 10 minutes ago.