Monday, January 04, 2010

Tis Done

Heather Forsyth and Rob Anderson cross the floor. I hear Stelmach's next. He's tired of all the assholes.


Ti-Guy said...

Why would you even care? Given voter turn-out in Albertan elections, even Albertans don't care.

Top Can said...

The revolution begins.

Tof KW said...

What revolution is there when the same MPs from the PC party crossover to become Wildrosers, and eventually form the government that they already held? Aside from Special Ed being gone, what actual change was accomplished?

I'd be more impressed if Albertans elected a bare minimum majority government (or imagine the audacity of a minority one) and did so on a fairly regular basis. If Alberta begins to change governments regularly during elections and finally resembles a working democracy ...then I'd consider that revolutionary.

Gene Rayburn said...

"The revolution begins."

um sure. I guess a conservative revolution is replacing the current government with a cabinet of nearly all the same people.

funny what conservatives view as change.

Niles said...

Just remember, this is the province that saw one party rule by the SoCreds for 36 years starting in 1935, where the only thing that stopped them from printing their own provincial money was the Lt Governor General and the Supreme Court (among other attempts at 'enlightened' *reform* by two guys named Aeberhart and *MANNING* -- and people wonder why I had aneurisms when the name Manning came 'outta nowhere' on the federal scene in the '80s.)

The Revolution in '71 put the Progressive Conservatives into governing power with another massive landslide majority that's plodded on ever since. So, this gosh darn abrupt change is about on schedule.

It's a classic psychosis of "conservatism can't fail, conservatism can only be failed" as support strolls over to something even more rightwing American reactionary in the hope that somehow, this time, the magic will work. If they just clap their hands enough.

I really had more hopes as the new immigrants from everywhere else moved in, but it seems there's something in the water...