Friday, January 15, 2010

Fraudulinking With Marc Morano

Fraudulinking: where a link from a website does not live up to its billing on that website. For example, from Marc Morano's Climate Depot:
But when you click on the link, you find Lovelock's quote has been rearranged and, more importantly, truncated. The next bit reads:
Synonym: to be Moranoed. Example: "Cocksucker! I've been Moranoed!"


Mark Richard Francis said...

For those who don't know, Morano did communications work for good ol' boy Senator Inhofe, gay-basher and global warming denialist supreme.

Morano also was heavily involved in the swift boating of John Kerry.

As for the science, yes, melting ice uses up some of that energy, but it is also being stored in the oceans, which are currently the primary repository of the warming.

You know, if these denilalists are so right, why do they have to lie so much?

Anonymous said...

Here ya go.

He speaks slowly and uses simple words so even liberals, dippers and other assorted leftoids can understand.

Take notes, there will be a test later on.

Tof KW said...

Murph, you really need to cut down on the trolls here.

Gene Rayburn said...

here's my test answer:

Fred is a retard.

Did I get perfect?

Ti-Guy said...

Morano's an arsehole, which is documented by the BBC here.

I bet he's been punched a lot in the face his life.