Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jay Hill: Prorogation Is NOT Vacation Cuz You Should See My Meeting Schedule

As Government House Leader, I will be working tirelessly with my Cabinet colleagues in preparation for the re-opening of Parliament. Cabinet and Treasury Board meetings are still being held on a regular basis.

So a job that could have been completed for January 25th gets stretched out over another two months. Parkinson's Law.

I will also be spending this time meeting with stakeholders and business representatives to discuss the priorities they envision for the months and years ahead.

Typical Corp-speak. Teamstorming to leverage the synchronicities, and all that.


RuralSandi said...

Busy, busy, busy - if you have to explain it, you're not really busy.

My Con MP is busy, busy, busy - handing out cheques and doing photo-ops for our local "biased" paper owned by the Sun.

You think it's easy to hand out cheques and pose?

We know what the Liberals and NDP are up to....I think there should be a fully study on what the Con MP's are up to.

Ti-Guy said...

Teamstorming to leverage the synchronicities,

Talk like that makes me hot.

Holly Stick said...

900ft Jesus is keeping track of Harper's photo ops issued from the PMO office. Maybe someone need to keep a count of all the photo ops by all the prorogued rogues.

Holly Stick said...

Here are the ones labelled photos:

Top Can said...

I think you have the wrong link for Parkinson's Law. It should be this one:'s_Law

bigcitylib said...

Thanks Top Can, but even when I copy the correct link it redirects to Parkinson. I've switched to a non wiki link.