Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kent Vs. Kent

Arthur Kent, the younger Kent, and still a journalist:

Canadians are often dismissed as being big on beer and hockey but largely apathetic about politics. But a mounting Facebook protest shows that while “Hosers” can hardly be called policy wonks, they’re not taking kindly to their “house of the people” being hijacked by the leader of a parliamentary minority.

Peter Kent, the elder Kent, once a journalist and now a pointless Tory MP:

Criticism...over the government's proroguing of Parliament is simply ‘sanctimonious twaddle’...

Wish I'd been a fly on the wall in the Kent household over Xmas. I bet somebody's spectacles got stomped.


Dr.Dawg said...

Nice catch!

Steve V said...

The scud stud vs the Ottawa dud.

RuralSandi said...

Ah yes, coming from the "sanctimonious TWITle"

RuralSandi said...

Do you believe in history repeating itself?

Stephen Harper was not the first Prime Minister to resort to prorogation in an effort to avoid parliamentary humiliation--and possible defeat in a Commons vote. In 1873, Sir John A. MacDonald and his Conservative government were the subject of investigation by a parliamentary committee looking into the scandal surrounding the financing of the Canadian Pacific RailwayCanadian Pacific Railway, transcontinental transportation system in Canada and extending into the United States, privately owned and operated. The construction of a railroad crossing the continent in Canadian territory was one of the conditions on which British
..... Click the link for more information. and bribes being taken by various government ministers and others. In an effort to thwart the investigation--and to avoid losing a critical vote in the House of Commons--MacDonald requested that the Governor General prorogue Parliament. This would have the effect of halting the investigation since parliamentary committees may not sit or act while Parliament is prorogued. The Governor General agreed to this request and the Conservatives obtained at least a short reprieve. When Parliament reconvened ten weeks later, however, MacDonald was censured by the House of Commons. He resigned and the Liberals won the election which then followed there's sanctimonious twaddle I can believe int.

So, it's not all Chretien's fault afterall

Big Winnie said...

This really highlights the diferences between the government and the opposition.

But yeah, to be a fly on the wall at the Kent household would have been great

Admin said...

Not only is Arthur a tad more sensible than Peter, their sister is an NDPer