Thursday, January 07, 2010

Will Someone Please Think Of The Foreigners!

From the St. Albert Gazette, the shorter Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber: we've prorogued because, if international visitors should hear about the detainee controversy while they're over watching the Olympics, they would depart with negative feelings towards Canada. There's also this awesomely Orwellian line: “Democracy and Parliament are not being sidestepped — they are only being suspended.” By their thumbs, perhaps?
PS. Easier to read if you right click on image and open in new window.


CanuckRover said...

Good Lord. There's a very good reason backbenchers are just supposed to sit down and shut up.

Alison said...

Rathgeber, who sits on both the Justice and Human Rights and the Public Safety and National Security Committees, says he's only received six emails on suspending democracy and parliament.
I'm sure he'd like to hear from more us :

Gerrard787 said...

The St. Albert Gazette? They used to give it away for free years ago. Influential newspaper.

But I guess we should let 'progressives' enjoy their faux outrage and have their Facebook fun too. It's all harmless entertainment for the rest of us.

Ti-Guy said...
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Ti-Guy said...

It's all harmless entertainment for the rest of us.

...along with your online pornography and your Fleshlights®.

double nickel said...

Small town newspapers are filled with this kind of propaganda from their Con MP's. Merv Tweed (who?) had a similar article in yesterday's Brandon Sun.

Omar said...

Thank you for writing to the office of Brent Rathgeber, Member of Parliament for Edmonton - St. Albert. Mr. Rathgeber feels that it is extremely important that Canadians contact elected officials to share their views.

Due to the high volume of e-mail correspondence, priority response is given to constituents.

If you are a constituent of Edmonton - St. Albert: Please resend your e-mail, including your full address with postal code, to...etc, etc, etc..

If you are not a constituent of Edmonton - St. Albert, please contact your own Member of Parliament.

Is THAT standard operating procedure? I mean, I understand the sentiment, but it seems, well, rather unseemly.

bigcitylib said...

Double nickle,

When would that be online; I'm not seeing it now.

double nickel said...

@BCL: The Brandon Sun web site sucks. They don't upload much of their content.

double nickel said...

M.P. sees positive in Parliament pause.

Brandon-Souris M.P. Merv Tweed thinks pausing parliament is the right thing to do. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is suspending it until March 3rd. Parliament was originally suppose to resume January 25th. Tweed tells 880 CKLQ that he hopes the extra time gives them more opportunity to focus on one of the most important federal budget in Canadian history.

Tweed says the critics need to understand taking some extra time to focus on the budget is well worth it.

NBDUDE said...

" They are going to be hearing all of these Spurious, but very serious accusations about Canadian soldiers being involved in war crimes and that is not the kind of reputation of Canada that I think we want our international visitors to depart with." The cons are insidiously trying to shift the story away from the cover up to blaming the troops for war crimes, they are getting very good at misdirection their republican advisers must be so proud.