Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bell O' Doom Tolls Louder For Cdn Print Media

As Mark Bourrie notes on his Facebook site, if you scroll down to the bottom of this piece you notice: (Reporting by Aftab Ahmed in Bangalore and Allison Martell in Toronto; Editing by Frank McGurty).

Which is to say that Reuters has outsourced some of their reporting.  One of Mark's friends makes an interesting comment:

Some California papers have been outsourcing reporting for about a decade now - since broadband - having Indian reporters cover things like city council meetings via webcams.

On a related note, a number of years back there was an attempt made by several large U.S. law firms to offshore their grunt work.  A lawyer friend has told me that this has not generally become a trend, however, because crafting legal documents in English requires a precision of language not usually possessed by natives of India or wherever the job was typically farmed out to.

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