Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Every Man Woman And Child In B.C. Will Receive A Gold Plated Cowboy Hat

At a January meeting with her Alta. counterparts,  B.C. Premier Christy Clark said what's obvious:

 ...[she] bluntly told Ms. Redford that public opinion is against the [Northern Gateway] pipeline in British Columbia – Alberta gets the benefits while B.C. carries the risks of environmental disaster, according to senior officials in B.C.

...and now Alberta pols are scrambling to see how much is in the kitty to pay-off residents of the beautiful Left Coast.  Straight out bribes are not on the table, yet, but the Redford government is apparently considering such options as discount bus tickets to beautiful Lethbridge, and free pelts from the wolves poisoned to save caribou herds threatened by tar-sands developments.  Offering a night out with Ezra for one lucky B.Cer was briefly considered, and First Nations types are still in line for a weekend with the entertaining Tom "just take their fucking land" Flanagan.

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Steve Bloom said...

It's potlatch time! Who says there's no respect for native traditions...