Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rob Ford Forces Start Polling On Metro Transit.

They've hired Forum research to do some push polling for them.

How does Rob Ford Match up against Stintz in a mayoral race; how about Rob Ford vs. Stintz and Adam Vaughan (which, when you think about it, doesn't make much sense as a question).

I say its push-polling because when they ask which subway plan you prefer they are being deliberately confusing about the LRT/Subway distinction: do you prefer above ground LRTs versus Subways, the question they ask, is misleading.  The distinction between the two options, as made clear in the Metrolinx glossary, has nothing to do with above/below ground, but how many people the cars can deliver to an area on a per hour basis.  Subway according the Metrolinx is heavy rail which can carry up to 40,000 bodies (like TTC Yonge Line); LRT, no matter whether delivered above of below ground, gets you 10,000 max.

Also polling by age, income, and gender.  And: do you want a plebiscite on the issue?

I got the call about 10 minutes ago.


liberal supporter said...

Subways are the best. Everyone agreed with Ford on this. But he also claimed it wouldn't cost anything.
Did they ask would you be willing to pay 20% more tax to get subways everywhere?

Ben Burd said...

so who's paying for the poll and out of what budget?

Reality Bites said...

I want a plebiscite... on whether Ford should be removed from office and be allowed to communicate with the public only through the Toronto Star.

Rotterdam said...

The city is better off with subways for reasons of efficiency. It helps the motorist and public transit user alike, a win-win. I am not big on government spending, but do feel government has a role in helping our economic production. Subways help productivity. In a competitive world that pays the most dividend. Ford see's this, others are short sighted.