Monday, February 13, 2012

A Star In Peru...

 Dennis Gruending has the back-story on some of those migrant workers killed in that horrific accident outside of Hampstead, Ontario last week, the most significant bit being (for me at least):

Another of the men who died was Enrique Arturo Arenaza Leon, a former soccer star with the Alliance Lima [Peru] soccer club.

Try and think of any North American sports league where, if you had a half decent career, you would have to go pick crops in some foreign country in your retirement.  

OK, maybe the CFL.

Anyway, we here in Canada are privileged almost beyond our ability to imagine.

PS. I have friends who own a farm outside of Paris, Ontario, and when you drive past the general stores around town at night you see a line-up of migrant workers (I think in this case from Mexico) at the public phone-booths calling home to their families.

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