Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wanna See How Vic Toews "Oppose Our Lawful Access Bill And You Support Child Porn" Pitch Is Playing Among The Base?

 Check out this thread at FreeD.

Mind you, their  reaction might be unrepresentative.    I would hope that a law which demands that your IP provider build infrastructure meant to spy on you on behalf of the cops, with the result being that you pay higher fees to your IP so they  can do this spying, might unite Left and Right in opposition.

I fear that the people it really unites are us Netheads, us on-line activists, whatever our political persuasion.  And meanwhile there is a huge body of Canadians who still don't really get or care about this on-line shit and are willing to swallow any old humbug in the name of  "Law & Order" or "The Children"


b_nichol said...

Do I detect a little buyer's remorse from some of the denizens of FreeDeep?
Not that it will change their support - monetarily or at the polls - I'm sure every one them has vowed at one time or another to never vote for, or send a dime to the federal Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this interesting while the right wing troglodytes were fulminating over Section 13, the Harperites pull an end run and decide that they will enact a law to censor the entire Internet.

I'm sure it's only amatter of time til we hear from the usual suspects who will harangue and bully the Harper government.

Reality Bites said...

I think many or most of them lost faith in Harper during his first mandate when he -

1. Deliberately lost the vote on marriage after putting it off as long as possible (as he always intended)

2. Shot down Connie's convention motion to ban late-term abortions

3. Didn't lock up Richard Warman and throw away the key.

Our hatred of Harper can't begin to approach that of people who once believed he wasn't just an unusually slimy politician.

Rotterdam said...

This legislation has government power written all over it. Just like a gun registry. A government bureaucracy that see's a Islamophope under every bed. This is McCarthyism pure and simple.

Anyong said...

Absolutely nothing less than witch hunting. The police in this country have everything available to them to hunt down child porn bug crawlers. Mr. Vic..... absolutely infuriated me....and I won't be forgetting it either. He doesn't even have the capacity to use his own thoughts but to only express George W. Bush. People have to be senile to use anything George W. Bush ever said.