Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meet Matt Meier (Of RackNine)

Matt thinks the NDP has defamed him, and has fired off some legal paper-work.  Given Matt's links to the Harper Gov., it isn't surprising that these documents have wound up in the hands of Stephen Taylor.


Steve V said...

Maybe they just met at the RackNine hospitality suite at the last Conservative Convention?

ricky said...

I would call people that organized this election fraud goons and sleazy punks. The case is stronger now that Mr. Taylor has a copy of a letter from racknine to the NDP. Just lucky he got it and racknine did not send me a copy to post.

Jim Parrett said...

So much for "free speech", eh?

liberal supporter said...

Matt helped put some of those BASTARDS in the House?

If they are illegitimate, they are BASTARDS.

Ted Betts said...

I would love love love to see the NDP and Pat Martin fight this one in court. Or at least to the doorstep of court.

If a claim is actually launched - and note one hasn't been launched yet - in discoveries the NDP would be able to get copies of all sorts of documents and emails and be able to interview MPG and interested parties.

That would be a veritable gold mine of information on tactics and would no doubt in my mind reveal a more widespread and nationally organized "controversy" than we know about yet.