Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Calgary Herald Editorial Writers Tell Lies

...when they write:

That said, environmental organizations only have themselves to blame for the crackdown on their activities, as spelled out in last week's federal budget. By organizing interveners from Brazil, who were signed up apparently without their knowledge, as we reported on some time ago, it was inevitable that the Harper Tories would react.

The story mentioned above was written by Licia Corbella back in January, and concerned two environmentally active Brazilian citizens named Elano Ferraz and Ines Gudic.  The story was so poorly researched a lowly blogger, myself, was swiftly able to debunk the claims made re Elano Ferraz.  Two weeks later, the claims made against Ines Gudic were picked to pieces by the Globe ( a little more background here), which made a point of noting that the actual facts "contradicted" the original reporting.

Yet, months later, the false claims reappear. I would just point out to the folks at the Herald that, within the journalistic profession LYING IS SUPPOSED TO BE WRONG.  Not that they'll listen.


Unknown said...

Those Brazilians aren't registered as "intervenors" - they're signed up to make 10 min oral statements.

bigcitylib said...

Good point. The Herald got that bit wrong as well.