Monday, April 02, 2012

Coming Soon To Sun TV

...this: Menzoid Mornings.  And soon to be leaving the air shortly thereafter, I imagine. If you've never heard of him, and I'm sure you haven't, David Menzies appears to have made a journalistic niche out of getting stopped by police and then writing about it.


Terrence said...

That guy is not funny. At all.

That wretched anti-comedian or Mark "who put the janitor on television?" Bonokoski make Sun News intolerable, even for me.

Hardy Weinberg said...

In defence of Menzoid, he was in Dundas Square taking creepy pictures of random women. One woman who happened to be muslim approached him and told him he could not take pictures of her.

What this crazy Muslim woman didn't understand that in Sun News Canada white creepy men like Menzoid are allowed to creepily take public photos of unsuspecting women, especially if the woman is not white.

Unfortunately she didn't understand the rules of Sun News Canada and decided to smack his him. And what is worse the police didn't even protect Menzoid's right to take pictures of unsuspecting women and those women have no right to tell him to stop taking photos.

Dear women of canada (especially immigrants), when you see a creepy old white guy unsuspectingly taking your photo you have no right to tell him to stop or to smack him. This is canada where creepers like this have the right to take your photo without your consent or knowledge.