Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Folks Think Wildrosers Are Hard Right Kooks

Rob Harvie, a fairly decent fellow who blogs at Searching For Liberty, wonders why many non-Albertans and, according to this latest poll, at least some Albertans, look at the Wildrose Party as being a haven to Far Right Lunatics.  WK answers that question in two words: Richard Evans.  I would add two more: Peter Csillag,Vice-President of the Wildrose Campus Club at the University of Calgary campus club.  It isn't that he was found guilty of "non-academic misconduct" for refusing to pull down a graphic pro-life display.  Its that, a few years back, he was advocating for the reinstatement of Alberta sexual sterilization Act to help bring down the province's crime rate.


harebell said...

Looks like Csillag's Feb 08 posts have all disappeared even from the way back machine.
Somebody doing some housecleaning?

bigcitylib said...

Csillag found them career inhibiting, I think.