Monday, April 23, 2012

Ontario Budget 2012: Winners, Losers, And Mega-Losers

 1) Let's start with the mega-loser in all of this: Tim Hudak and the PCPO.  Tim could have got something from  the government in exchange for seeing this budget through.  Instead he removed himself from the process 39 minutes in and got nothing.  The other two parties walked  away with tangibles.  Tim walked away with dick.

2) Let's move on to the second biggest loser: Tim Hudak and the 1%.  Are you of the 1%: rich, indigent, a follower of Ayn Rand that thinks the proles should go fuck themselves?  Tim Hudak and the PCPO betrayed you.  Tim was off in the corner somewhere wanking it two-fisted while the NDP and McGuinty Liberals did the hard work of compromise to make this province work.  No reason to blame McGuinty; he's trying to govern.  No reason to blame Horwath; the NDP is about what the NDP is about.  Yo rich dude, its Hudak that let you down!  That 2% surtax could have been 1% if Tim had just been in the room, negotiating on your behalf.  Hate the dorky capitalist before you hate the clever socialist.

3) Let's move on to the smallest winner:  Andrea Horwath.  She got  compromises.  Yada yada yada.

4) But let's conclude with the biggest, most awesome winner:  Dalton McGuinty.  He buys himself a year of free governing.  The economy continues to improve.  His position solidifies.  Hudak and co. go from opposing him on the basis of grand economic philosophies to stalling anti-bullying legislation so as to pander to Catholic radicals and homophobes from their own back-bench.  Tim tried winning on that issue last time, and it flopped.  McGuinty, should he choose to run again at the head of the Ontario Liberals, can probably start looking to rent another hall for his victory banquet.

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liberal supporter said...

How the hell did the leaders of Ontario plus the entire population of Alberta stop being stupid all in the same day???