Sunday, May 20, 2012

Margaret Wente Fumbles Another

Her model of an ungrateful Que. student is from out of province.  Plus there's a nice bit of writing from MC at the end:

I suppose from where Margaret Wente sits in her upscale Toronto neighbourhood, Greeks and Québecers might look the same – tiny, and far away – especially when you can’t be bothered to look. Most Québecers disagree with the protests, but that doesn’t stop Ms. Wente from ramping up and exploiting Anglo outrage.

Clearly Wente doesn’t care to find out what’s going on, and omitting the identification of her protesting poster boy as someone from outside the province serves her purposes. Wente’s article achieved its objective, eliciting an outpouring of nasty anti-Québec comments on the Globe’s website.

But before she engages in any more divisive baiting, maybe Ms. Wente could do a bit more research. Given that his parents cut the cheque” for his “$6,700” out of province fees, maybe Ethan Feldman isn’t so far away after all. Maybe Margaret could actually interview him. Maybe he lives next door.

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