Sunday, May 06, 2012

On Andrew Prescott

...the most likely candidate so far for Pierre Poutine.  From Media Culpa:

Further on in this thread, Andrew Prescott makes reference to being “asked today to join the Board of Directors for our local CPC EDA.” But for the most part (until then at least), it would appear that the author sees himself obeying some higher calling than the earthly laws enacted by parliament. Would it be such a stretch to wonder whether the same might apply to the Elections Act?

Incidentally, I don't buy the claims that this guy "outed" Prescott as Poutine.  I'd heard back in March that it was mostly likely Andrew, based on some childish antics of his during the campaign and the fact he self-described as a phone expert.  But who wants to get sued if you're wrong?

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Steve V said...

Funniest line of that sanctimonous moonbeam link was this tripe:

"History shows that as a nation declines morally, its end is near."

Yes, so moral and ethical. LOL!