Sunday, May 06, 2012

Rob Ford Lets David Menzies Slime George Smitherman For Being Gay

The recording is here; words are about 20 minutes in. Totally disgusting and maybe actionable.  Sun TV must be so proud.  And I guess so must we all in T.O.  for being the people who elected Mr. Ford mayor.  Because he seemed to approve.

Update: just to elaborate, at about the 20 minute mark Sun TV  personality David Menzies goes all hypothetical wondering why its OK to criticize Ford for his weight when is not OK to criticize George Smitherman for engaging in dangerous gay sex and doing all sorts of drugs and maybe dying in office from  AIDS if he'd ever been voted in.  As an aside, Menzies suggests that The Star sent their most effeminate reporter (Daniel Dale) to spy on Ford so it would be a bigger deal if Ford slugged 'em.  And the Ford brothers didn't pitch this noxious prick off their show.


sunsin said...

Being gay is not slimeable any more. It's an own goal.

mauser98 said...
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