Monday, April 22, 2013

Adrian Dix On Trans Mountain (Kinder Morgan) Pipeline

Announcing his environmental platform, Dix said he does "not expect Vancouver to become a major export oil port" as he said appears to be contemplated in the Kinder Morgan proposal.

Dix would not definitively rule out the project, saying the company has yet to submit a formal proposal.

But he said he it appears the company is looking to increase by "five or six fold" the amount of oil going through Vancouver, which he said an NDP government would not support.

Assuming Dix wins in B.C.--a pretty safe wager at this point--no pipeline to the West Coast will ever get built.  Meanwhile, Enbridge is trying to grease the skids for a Line 9 reversal to bring its product East, and running up against suspicious locals.  If Keystone XL is approved by the Obama administration, as seems increasingly likely, then I suspect the Harper government's support for all three other projects will soften.  They will fight for them, but not really.  2015 is too close by and B.C. has too many CPC seats for them to press for the first two; Quebec opposition, and the fact that it isn't a particularly profitable option in the first place, will take care of the third.

PS.  Dix has also apparently promised to expand the scope of B.C.'s carbon tax, thus burying once and for all memories of 2009 when the NDP's threat to repeal the tax blew the wheels of their campaign bus in week one of that election.


deb said...

sounds good!
and if dix doesnt get in...well we need an independent count, and a political intervention:P

Jordan said...

Dix should just have BC separate from Canada and then put a bubble around utopia.