Sunday, April 21, 2013

FreeD Makes The Big Leagues: Norton Software Dubs It A "Hate" Site

So I was checking out the wifi at my new place by downloading a few software updates and got something from Norton that I didn't want (and have since uninstalled).  I find out about it when I cruise over to FreeD to wallow in teh crazy and see this (looks better when you click on it):
Now, FreeD's been pretty tame lately, especially since they kicked out Ed Kennedy.  And really, even at its worst, it was 95% lunatic conservatism, only 15% actual hate.  But whatever.  The folks at Norton have them on their official shit-list.  Whether they are deserving or not, I would be interesting in knowing how this list is compiled.


Reality Bites said...

I think this is the link you're looking for

Kurt Phillips said...

I would say the hate percentage has somewhat declined since the departure of Mr. Kennedy (though it is a temporary ban since lifted) so 15% might be accurate now, but when Ed was a regular there was some stuff being posted that would not have been out of place on Stormfront.

There were some people that used to poste there who, while quite conservative, seemed at least reasonable. I don't think all of the blame can be placed on Kennedy, but the nastiness and pettiness of a lot of the remaining members seemed to have chaced them off. Now it's really so far out of the mainsstream they aren't even relevant aby longer. Could you imagine Harper appearing on a stage with Mark and Connie now?

Marky Mark said...

I'm curious how that site came to be classified as a hate site. I wonder if it isn't part of a broader silencing campaign.

bigcitylib said...

Dunno, MM, but I remember during one of their libel suits the fact that they were blocked to Ont. Gov employees came up (if I am remembering correctly).