Sunday, April 07, 2013

Murray, Trudeau, And Showcase Wrap-Up

My computer's battery died before I could finish this yesterday.  But onward!

Joyce Murray gave a strong, substantive speech.  You can watch it here.  And  it went over fairly well, generally speaking, though the showcase crowd gave fairly muted responses to all of the speakers other than Justin.  However, when Murray  got into a discussion of how her "one time" cooperative deal with the NDP and Green Party would actually work, she seemed to lose people. And no wonder: you get your nomination and you have to engage in a "run-off" with the Green and NDP candidate for a chance to take on the local Tory.  That's almost like having to win a nomination twice; and two campaigns sound twice as expensive.

Certainly, Murray's promoting cooperation got nowhere the applause that Justin's denunciation of the same idea did.  And, say what you will about Justin Trudeau, he has learned how to give a speech, his presentation being head and shoulders above the other potentials.  Although, this morning, I am still struggling to recall the details of any policy proposals he might have mentioned: he's for Keystone, against Northern Gateway. respects the West, and yada yada yada.

As to the others, Martha Hall Findlay  was surprisingly non-abrasive.  And while Martin Cauchon, the last of the candidates up, spoke on I was reminded of that scene in Woodstock where Jimmy Hendrix plays to an empty field.  Cauchon must have looked out at the room as the crowd trickled away and thought "There's $75,000 I won't see again."

Overall I'd note that this leadership go round has been fought pretty cleanly, especially when compared to 2006. I can't see the same kind of divisions going forward,  though there were plenty of jokes told about "anonymous liberals" around the showcase floor.  In fact, Jeff Jedras (with the Coyne campaign) told a funny story about how he was quoted anonymously in a media piece when he had not requested it.  I guess its more fun for the media to pretend its all about back-stabbing in the LPC.  Thankfully, it isn't.


sharonapple88 said...

Thankfully no major screw-ups -- no telepromter malfunctions or people getting stuck in the crowd and then having to buzz through their speech.

Murray had the slickest video with the trees waving in the background. Guess it helps to appeal to the geek vote. (I kid, I kid... Nice touch to have a forest of red, orange and a few green trees in the intro. Get it?)

Overall I'd note that this leadership go round has been fought pretty cleanly, especially when compared to 2006.

You hope that it's because people learned the lesson from 2006. Part of me thinks the lack of in-fighting is because there's a clear front runner. There's no point in tripping him up because it's unlikely to change the results.

I'd be surprised if this makes it past one ballot.

Marky Mark said...

Why don't I have my PIN by regular mail yet? Seems odd.

bigcitylib said...

MM, Me neither. Guy at info booth said if I don't get by Mon Tues call their 1-800 number. Said our situation isn't uncommon.

Anonymous said...

There was one pretty darn substantive piece of policy that you ought to have remembered from trudeaus speech. Opne nominations in every single riding. No hmming or hawing about it. Straight up, there WILL be an open nomination in every single riding. Inetersting times indeed!