Monday, April 08, 2013

The New Angus Reid Premier Numbers

Dan Arnold (Calgary Grit) says the most important thing about the Ontario Premier`s number (36% approval) is:

3. A lot of Ontarians still haven’t made up their minds about Kathleen Wynne.

But I think the real story is its noticeably better than the previous Ontario Premier's number (32%). And since the budget will almost certainly pass, our gal`s got clear sailing until 2014.

And, incidentally, here's a picture with both Dan and me in it (as well as Deb Coyne, Omar, Kyle, Scott Tribe, Jennifer Smith, and Bryan Crockett ).
Dan likes to stand in the middle of these pics because he's always the thinnest guy in the room.  That`s me seated far left.

The shot is from here

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