Sunday, June 02, 2013

B.C. Conservative Party Prepares To Implode

...if it hasn't already yet.  Ian (Is Hitler To Blame?  Men Love Sluts!) Tootil is back in; relatively sane leader John Cummins is apparently on his way out.  Who knows, maybe kooky boy Dean Skoreyko, who played a significant role in the coup that hobbled Cummins and crippled the BCCP, will run to replace the man?  After all, the new party strategy is apparently to embrace teh crazy, not run from it.  And Dean is teh crazy in dork glasses and a bad suit.


Rene said...

I'm not sure how Harper fits into this intrigue. It would appear the blogging tories were running their own political sideshow in BC with the BC Conservatives, while Harper was lending his support to the campaign of the BC Liberals.

Though it is curious that in BC Harper would completely ignore the distraction of the BC Conservatives, while actively backing the efforts of Wildrose to displace the Progressive Conservatives in Alberta as the governing party.

Anonymous said...


For anything that Harper does, look and see where Flanagan and Manning or their creatures are operating. Chances are his "opinion" won't to far from which ever bunch of mercenary loons Preston and Tom are pushing.

Anonymous said...

Did Harper hire Wolfgang Droege and his Heritage Front as, security for Preston Manning? I read about that and was truly shocked. If that is indeed true? Harper should be run out of this country, he then, has no right to be P.M. of Canada.

I am also not happy, with Harper's FIPA deal with Communist China. That is being a Traitor to Canada.

Harper has brought so much embarrassment and shame to Canada, I can hardly stand the sight of, Harper's face on TV anymore.