Monday, June 10, 2013

Cavoukian Fed A Line Of BS

JIMMO is still talking  OLP "cover-up", but his account of how files get stored and backed-up sounds right enough, as does his assertion that Anne Cavoukian has been misinformed re how difficult it is to recover the lost emails at the center of the l'affair de gas plant:

And in fact I would second his point at the end: that an independent data recovery team might still be able to pull lost data from the servers in question, and therefore one should be called in.  That's because I suspect that were the contents of these emails to be made known they would tell us little more than what we have already discovered, which is that the OLP panicked towards the end of the last election campaign and blew a ton of money to save a couple of ridings they would have won anyway.  In other words, there are no secrets hidden in them; what the Libs did was all done pretty much up front and in public.

Incidentally, the video also seems to clarify a point WK made a few days ago:

[Cavoukian] pays no heed to the fact that records of emails concerning government business were kept by officials, and/or the government server, for many months and ultimately deleted only by them...

What happened on the hard-drive of some Premier's aide is far less important to the ultimate fate of the emails than what happened on the governments' servers.  Whether or not emails were deleted from personal PCs to keep in-boxes tidy (or to cover something up--who knows?) would have no bearing on whether they were kept or not on the servers they passed through.  And archiving material on the servers is someone else's responsibility (not our hypothetical aide's); if there was any failure of diligence, that's where it would have occurred.


Rene said...

If there is an Ontario Provincial Police enquiry into alleged destruction of gas plant documents and emails by senior Liberals, let the enquiry run its course. And what's with the false outrage by such as Kinsella accusing the privacy commissioner Anne Cavoukian of being a "publicity-seeker" by doing her job, an accusation he likewise directs against Justice Gomery for the past sponsorship scandal enquiry. Look who's talking, it's not like either Cavoukian or Gomery produced a punk rock video mocking public officials under investigation for alleged misdeeds, corruption and abuses and then sought endorsements for such production.

If I recall during the period of Chretien's rule Kinsella played a role similar to that of Poilievre today, defending Gagliano's reputation and that of other co-accused, belittling the accusations and the enquiry itself.

Were Kinsella a publicist for mayor Vaillancourt of Laval or Liberal organizer Gilles Cloutier, charged with corruption and influence-peddling, he would undoubtedly accuse Quebec Justice France Charbonneau of likewise being some "publicity-seeker'.

double nickel said...

It's true that we never know who WK is working for.

deb said...

well PR people have a job, and they are there to represent their client. So WK has the integrity to support the side he works for. Too bad the politicians didnt show the same decency and work for the citizens who they are supposedly representing.
Harper, Ford, etal are all liars...trying to save their own skins.
and is it just me...or is their something funny about a privacy commissioner seeking fame, if thats truely what she is doing...I would think inquiries would be done quietly and efficiently and then a report tabled for others to read. But hey I guess the media wins with all of these issues!
Dont knock the video, its comedic relief in the midst of such tragic circumstances:)

Anonymous said...

Double Nickel? I always hesitate to read WK and seldom do, he seems to work for himself only...