Monday, June 17, 2013

Justin Ascends To Enormous Heights

This, then, is the measure of  the man!  O Glorious, GLORIOUS Justin!!!  Myself I wouldn't have offered a penny back to these silver-haired con-artists!  No!  I would have told them to go stuff it, and if that didn't appease 'em I'd  have  melted 'em down into bricks of Soylent Green and feed 'em to the wretched youth, whose  job prospects these days are looking increasingly grim as the riches of  the nation go towards maintaining our aged in the opulent manner to which they have become accustomed.  Guys my age and Justin's age won't  be able to retire until we're 80, and the folks younger than us will do worse.  All so that everyone in dad's generation gets a gold plated walker with a jet-back on the side...diamond inlays for their sports dentures!  The whole bloody works!  I'd've given 'em what for!  But Justin is a bigger person than me, and chose the way of peace.  This truly is what leaders are made of.


Omar said...

I'm quite sure his father would have told them to "go stuff it" as well. Such is the sad state of our politics today. Namby-pamby is truly NOT what leaders are supposed to be made of.

Gayle said...

I am with you. They paid for a service. They received that service. If they wanted a someone they didn't have to pay apparently their CPC MP was available.

Over at Macleans there is some evidence the person who wrote the letter is connected to the PMO.

Nitangae said...

I think just a little bit of research might discover that more than a few Harpercon MPs have received money for speeches. This should be made even easier by the fact that, seemingly, to the Harpercons it is now a terrible crime to receive money for speeches even before you become an MP.

While I agree in principle that Justin should tell them all to stuff it, I also expect that the upside of this is that he now has an excuse to go around the country making even more speeches (since he offered to make speeches for free).

Even in the screaming halls of news, people are having trouble taking this seriously. I do wonder if Harper has thought this line of attack through.

Nitangae said...

By make speeches for free, I mean make his promised free additional speeches for the various charities he worked for previously. Is there a downside for him in going around the country making extra speeches? I am told he is rather good at it, and a charity speech has the additional advantage that it will not be exclusively the Liberal faithful who will attend. On the whole, I think he has been rather clever.