Friday, June 21, 2013

Polls And Positivity

Another poll showing the LPoC up, in majority territory even, and by a respected pollster.  Two years out and its meaningless and yada yada yada.  Interesting, however, to speculate on what it says about Justin's "relentlessly positive" approach to politics.  Probably not much.  I don't think the Trudeau camp is dumb enough to mean any of that stuff.  What they mean is that the leader will deliver the sunny side, while some pasty-faced dude in front of a computer will be digging for Tory dirt.  Because, as Stephen Harper has yet to learn after seven years in power, you don't do your own knife work.  My buddy Niccolò D once said: you hire other people to bring the pain; you just keep smiling.  But believe me, Justin has those other people.  If not an actual Prince of Darkness than at least a Bishop of Badass.  Out there.  Lurking.

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deb said...

lets hope so, as whats his face ndp leader learned this last bc provincial election:P He didnt even need help the bclib crap was all floating about:P
but trudeau is alot more saavy and waaay smarter!