Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pam Geller Banned From U.K.

Pam Geller has been banned from the U.K. for espousing views not "conducive to the public good".  She is, let us just say, chuffed, and her Canuck supporters overfoam with hatred and rage.   Here's part of the letter  Ms. Geller received:

Scan 2
A bit of a local angle to this story.  Pam hit town last month.  Tried to anyway.  Her engagement at the Chabad Flamingo synagogue in Thornhill got cancelled due to pressure from various quarters and she wound up performing at the T.O. Zionist Center before a crowd of the usuals.  A number of people within the GTA Jewish community, including Bernie Farber and the Toronto Board of Rabbis, condemned her appearance, and took heck for it on the blogs and on Sun TV and elsewhere.  That the UK home office has adopted a similar opinion of Ms. Geller's writing and behavior has got to be seen as sweet vindication for these folks.

PS.  I'm getting mixed signals on the fate of C-304, but  indications are that it has passed and the hate speech provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act is, for the time-being, dead.  But of course, it has recently been declared (yet again) constitutional, and resurrecting it under a Trudeau government would therefore be a snap.  Remember, Harper's gang was too frightened of this issue to put forward an official government bill and instead snuck it in as a PMB so as to avoid scrutiny.  The only people in support of C-304 are nazis, nuts, teenage libertarians, and journalists, and as a political coalition, this is one most MPS will want to run away from screaming.  The CPC won't put up a fight if S-13 or something similar resurrected in the light of day.  Meanwhile, haters will have to be pursued via the criminal code.  Ask Arthur Topham what that's like.

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Jim Parrett said...

What I don't get is why Geller doesn't recognize is that she is doing exactly what Goebbels did against the Jews. I realize she's being willfully ignorant but man, what if things were the other way around and it were posters demeaning Jews and disputing the Holocaust that were being posted in the subways?