Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Postmedia Fires A Useful Guy

From J-Source:

Postmedia Network is downsizing its parliamentary bureau and had laid off five parliamentary bureau staff.

Three political reporters—Mike De Souza, Andrea Hill and Tobi Cohen—as well as planning and production editor Rhonda Cumming and librarian Kirsten Smith were laid off.

Mike De Souza is, or was, pretty much the only journalist in Canada who  consistently covered issues surrounding the federal government's response to Global Warming.  And now he's gone.  On the other hand, pointless blow-hard climate change denier Terence Corcoran remains.

For the consipracy-minded, this deal signed bewteen Postmedia and CAPP last July certainly looks suspicious:
If they're willing to ensure that their editorials will be onside with CAPP, who knows that they wouldn't terminate a reporter whose stories have been an embarrassment to their new pay-masters.


crf said...

Absolutely astonishing. I thought DeSouza was one of the best reporters in Canada.

This really stinks.

deb said...

I liked Mike DeSouza too. I think that newspaper media manage to make themselves completely irrelevant and to continually and ideologically back themselves into a dark room with no windows and exit door:P adios NP, I dont care for your style anyhow.