Friday, February 07, 2014

Rob Ford's Wednesday Night

It around midnight and was very quiet (as it is on Wednesday -- we have a large trivia crowd that leaves right after trivia on Wed.) -- around 5 patrons and an equal number of staff, most of which had just been cut (kitchen was closed and I was getting ready to close up shop early when he showed up). He came in with two younger people -- a man in his 30s and a slightly younger-looking woman. A couple people got pictures as he walked in, but I did not, as he never once approached or even talked to me (after all, he's not drinking, right, wouldn't want to look improper, right?). The off-duty staff and patrons were welcomed to sit with him, and the man who entered with him bought rounds of drinks for everyone and waved off pictures if people tried to take them. Rob was red-faced and awkward seeming, but I don't know if that's just because he's Rob Ford and it was cold or what. He seemed pretty gracious as one of the patrons got into a heated discussion with him and then he laughed it off and high-fived with them.

I never saw him drink anything. I didn't take any video or anything because I'm not that kind of dude, but I was a bit upset to see that he called off work yesterday.

And, just to be clear:

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