Monday, February 10, 2014

Why Ontario Anti-Wind Forces Keep Losing Their ERT (Environmental Review Tribunal) Appeals

They want the Tribunal to take their word at face value:

“There is no reliable evidence to demonstrate that the project will cause serious physical or any other serious harm,” [the tribunal] ruled.

A number of witnesses who live close to existing wind farms testified that the turbines had damaged their health.

But the tribunal said that they did not provide professional medical opinions that would establish a “causal link” between their ailments and the turbines.

This is not the first time that appellants protesting nearby wind farms have made health claims while refusing to provide the medical documentation needed to back those claims.  And it is only recently that they ERT has begun to consistently demand that they produce such records.  In addition, as noted here, if appellants are testifying re reductions in property values due to nearby turbines, they will now be asked to turn over all relevant real estate records.   I expect most of those appeals to fail as a result of this change in procedures.

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