Friday, February 14, 2014

By-Election Analysis And A Look Ahead

Let the NDP crow for a day.  They've earned it.  As for a Spring election, its about as likely/unlikely as it was yesterday morning, which means we'll probably have one.  And as to the likely result, well, Kathleen will be dogged by anti-wind  protesters at her rural events.  Our wild and crazy Ombudsman is launching a new and possibly embarrassing investigation into Hydro One billing.   (Not that that's an unworthy target, but check out the man's twitter-feed from last night:
...His behavior is, let us just say, unseemly.)  But on the other hand, Tim Hudak still resembles a constipated weasal; his own party hates him and challenges his leadership at every juncture (google "Richard Ciano" and "Tim Hudak"); and his policies are so barbaric as to be judged appalling by a focus group of  cannibal rednecks.

So, for an OLP partisan, you have to be thinking that any Spring election is eminently winnable.

PS. What about Andrea Howath's NDP?  Some folks think they see a wave building.  Maybe.  I'm not noticing anything yet.


Anonymous said...

The ombudsman certainly looks like he is starting proceedings as a form of revenge.
Not what one would expect from an impartial investigator at all and not very professional.

crf said...

Dion and Iggy were wet noodles. Whatever Harper is, it isn't a wet noodle. Chretien sure wasn't one either.

Hudak is a wet noodle. Members in his own party mock him, and he just does nothing. Nobody wants a wimp for a leader.