Monday, February 17, 2014

Through Andrew Leslie To The Troops

I don't have much to say on this. Other than the amount involved ($72,000) there  is nothing remarkable about it.  And if you look at the list CTV got hold of there are some other pretty big numbers on it ($38,000, $50,000) including another move within Ottawa (one Brigadier General King) that cost roughly $22,000.  Its obviously an attempted smear of the guy, but to what end?  Leslie has his suspicions:

"...What is disappointing is that this particular attack may raise questions over a military retirement benefit and I do not think veterans deserve to have another measure called into question."

The same thought was expressed yesterday on the forums (in a very enlightening thread that I encourage everyone read from end-to-end):
(As usual, its easier to read if you click on the image).

So, will the CPC use this issue to steal another benefit back from our troops?  Worth noting that they were already sniffing around the issue last year.

Finally, as to the amount claimed: though I have some small experience with the relocation program--I have occasionally fielded calls from service members involved in it re T.O. house prices--I don't really know what expenses it is meant to cover.  The general mentions "real estate" fees, and the conversation suggests that commissions may be covered.  If so, five percent on the sale of a $1,000,000+ house is $50,000 right there.  And as to the distance of the move, well, in T.O. a five minute drive can can take you from an "island of affordability" too some pretty ritzy digs (think The Guild vs. North of Kingston near Markham Road, for example), so that is a red herring.


double nickel said...

Disappointing but not surprising to see the Dippers take the bait and fall in with the CPC on attacking Leslie.

aardvark said...

Don't forget that the fees involved include land transfer tax for the purchaser, commission for the seller, and that thing the agents never really tell you about: GST on the commission. Adds up pretty damn fast.

gingersnap said...

This is just another of Harper's dirty tactics. He knows damned well, all military members are moved to the location of their choice. Leslie put in 35 years with the military. The DND look after all of the details. Leslie had no idea of the cost of his move.

Harper is a very hateful, repulsive monster. He needs a full mental evaluation because, of his very bizarre behavior.