Sunday, June 15, 2014

Anti-Wind Battle Moves To Municipalities

Wind Concerns Ontario has a statement on the election  here.  They blame "urban voters" for the loss, although oddly enough their contact address is still  a ritzy address down in The Guild.  The next step is to run, or at least support, candidates in this October's municipal elections.  So, basically, stick a fork in 'em; they're done.  As for the wind industry's reaction, to Friday's result, it's basically a big sigh of relief.  Best story I've read on it so far is here.

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Anyong said...

This Conservative Government (Federal I'm thinking)is not anti business. It is anti anything having to do with the development of new sources of environmentally friendly energy. That's the bug-a-boo. When ever has a government especially a Right Wing one taken an attitude of progressive thinking in the name of making the country better. Simple comment you might say but it is the simple truth.