Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Randy Hillier Speaks! Points Finger Of Blame!

Guy's definitely got class.  All of it 3rd.
From his facebook page; he's referring to this article.  Worth noting that, when Hudak was an advocate fior ditching the Rand formula, Randy was behind him 100%.  Randy's usually just right of Attila The Hun, but in the wake of the PCPO ass-whupp'n he's gone all soft and sensitive.

And its funny that today we learn that Tim Hudak considered naming the civil servants he intended to fire.  Randy talked him out of it but, apparently, he's willing to name a few names of his own:
This guy's the new PCPO leader.  Mark my words.

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jrkrideau said...

This guy's the new PCPO leader.

Even Primier Wynne is not going to be that lucky twice but still I'd vote for him as leader. We can always hope.