Saturday, June 21, 2014

Justin Trudeau Makes Men Standing Next To Him Look Sexxxier

Here is a shot of Scarborough-Agincourt candidate Arnold Chan with Justin Trudeau:

And here is one without:

An obvious increase in sexxxiness in the first shot vs. the second..  Although I will admit the guy was not bad to start with.


deb said...

lol, they both have that handsome winner look, must be the hairspray:)

Steve Bloom said...

Product, not hairspray. Keep up with the times. :)

Speaking of which, it's been like forever since you've done much here with Rob Ford, BCL. What gives?

Omar said...

Justin looks to be getting a bit of a Harper spread around his middle. Might want to consider knocking off the white chocolate mocha Venti's heading into next years election if he wants to be svelte AND have great hair on the campaign trail!

deb said...

until he has a Ford shape, it still is fairly sexy. lol
still Mulcair is waaaay more attractive then justin, have you seen his angry hair, standing on end when he is tearing Harper a new one, now that is sexy.

Unknown said...

Dude, he's just facing a different direction. That's the only difference. It could be me standing there instead of JT and he'd still look the same.