Sunday, June 08, 2014

Dear NDPers: The Time Has Come To Do The Right Thing And Abandon Your Party

Because it has already abandoned you.  I mean, Jack Layton carefully prepared your federal counterparts for his "move to claim the center".  And some of the changes he made, to your constitution for example, where he removed the stuff about property ownership being inherently evil because it suppressed revolutionary fervor, and that clause about castrating all the bosses and hanging them in a public square with their balls in their mouths...well I think we can all admit that they were kind of fringe-y policy elements that are best gone, can't we?  But Andrea Horwath...she just said "excuse the fuck me" and took off to a political place near where Atilla the Hun settled after he plundered the Balkans.  You don't owe her.  You owe it to yourself to stop Tim Hudak from implementing what we might call a "Maximum Horwath" approach to firing Ontario civil servernts.  Vote OLP and afterwards give Andrea her retirement presents. 

A longer version of this Op-Ed by OLP leader Kathleen Wynne appeared today in the Toronto Star.

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b_nichol said...

I can't help but notice this is the same call-to-arms that the federal Liberals have been crying at the end of every election since at least 1980, including the last. No matter how badly the Liberals have governed, how bereft of ideas and policy, the last-minute rallying cry has always been, "NDP: Hold your nose and vote for us or else the other guys will win" (Alison Redford successfully ran with this ploy last Alberta election, at the provincial Liberals' expense).
So even though I have no ponies in this particular race, you'll have to excuse my reluctance in sharing your enthusiasm for this decades-old tactic.