Saturday, June 07, 2014

Life In Scarborough: Scarborough Youth Discuss Their Social Media Presence

So I'm sitting in a bar in Scarborough (I'm always sitting in a bar in Scarborough), and this young couple a few booths down start arguing.  She starts giving him the third degree about what he's up to on Facebook. She starts talking about all the women he's "liked" recently, and about how he hasn't deleted women he once liked but apparently promised he would delete.  So why the hell hasn't he?  He keeps saying no man it isn't true but she says she's contacted some of these new women, and they don't know him from Adam, so why is he liking them like he's some kind of stalker?  He says no again but she says she's seen his "activity logs".  I don't know if there even is such a thing on Facebook but she sure has got him by the nads.  She reams him out for a good half-hour.   He's gotta sit and take it.

I've always said social media is civilizational poison.  Twitter is what you use when you want to destroy your career with a couple of tossed-off sentiments.  And I used to think that Facebook was where the white working class went to destroy their marriages and other intimate relationships.  But this was a mixed-race couple, so the bad effect obviously goes far beyond what I had previously imagined.

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