Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Analysis Of Gas Plants Scandal's Effect On Ontario Election Polls...Expressed In Concrete Poetry!


thwap said...

Yeah. What's $1,000,000,000?

This is the stupid partisan hackery that makes me sick.

The harpercons' torture and election fraud and "Election Fraud Promotion Act" haven't stirred apathetic Canadians either. Whether through successful cover-ups and corruption or sheer laziness on the voters' part.

Does that mean they're not scandals?

You seem like a decent person. Pull your head out of your ass and THINK for a goddamned minute. Do you really think it's a good thing for the Ontario government to have spent ONE BILLION DOLLARS to cancel some contracts to save the seats of three of their own MPPs?

Do you?

Do you think it's a good thing for governments to incur ONE BILLION DOLLARS in fines and then refuse to tell the people's representatives about it and, when pressed, outright LIE about how much their partisan spending cost them?

UnEvil One said...

So then, thwap, in your mind, what's better: voting for Hudak, or voting for a losing cause, to ensure a Hudak victory?

We've seen this level of stupid before, when Dipsticks turned on Bob Rae, bringing in Mike Harris.

Are the Liberals saints? Clearly not. Are they as bad as the Conservatives, (as NDPers try to insist?) Absolutely not.

thwap said...

UnEvil One,

How best to vote to prevent a government of murderously incompetent Hudak tories is a separate matter from belitting the gas-plant scandal.

McGuinty wasted one-billion dollars of our money and displayed contempt for the legislature to hide it.

The Ontario PC's are no doubt just as corrupt and twice as sleazy and insane, but that doesn't mean you can laugh-off what McGuinty did.

Steve Bloom said...

From some comments I saw, maybe it did have an effect in the form of increasing the Lib vote around the former plant sites. Maybe it hurt farther away, but that would be hard to know.

thwap said...

It was also a criminal waste of $1 billion.

Furthermore, McGuinty's refusal to obey the majority in the legislature and come clean on the costs was the exact same level of contempt for parliament as when harper refused to say how much his prisons and fighter-jets would cost.

thwap said...
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