Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Flaherty: Quebec Dumped, Ontario Now Cutest Province

Ottawa - Faced with public finances are deteriorating rapidly, the Harper government announced yesterday that it changed the formula to slow the rising cost of this program for the provinces. Résultat: le Québec est légèrement désavantagé. Result: Quebec is slightly disadvantaged. Par contre, l'Ontario touchera pour la première fois de la péréquation, faisant ainsi son entrée dans le club des provinces pauvres au pays. As against, Ontario will receive the first of Equalization, making his entry into the club of poor provinces in the country.

Don't worry, Quebec. We'll take their money and still not vote for them.


Anonymous said...

Nice tin cup ya got there buddy. Do you expect to stay a street beggar for long or will you graduate to back alley whoring like Quebec where the real money is ?

DivaRachel said...

What a great headline!

Ti-Guy said...

We all agree that Alberta still sucks, though.

Unknown said...

"We all agree that Alberta still sucks, though." - ti

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

bigcitylib said...

Why not, Paul? They gonna separate?

Ti-Guy said...

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Feeds me what? The petro-dollar has had distorting effect on the Eastern economy, although with the US (Alberta's primary client) going tits up, it doesn't much matter anymore.

We'll all be freezing in the dark, pretty soon. If you're slow-moving and well-marbled, Paul S. (which I suspect you are) you'd better start thinking of some contingency plans.

Unknown said...

"Why not, Paul? They gonna separate?" - BCL

I was joking BCL. Lighten up. Being humorless is ti-guy's job.

The federal government should have been paying more attention to Ontario years ago instead of treating it like their favorite whipping boy. And the ROC has seen the federal govt and Ontario as a big ATM machine for too long. This has to change.

Ti-Guy said...

Being humorless is ti-guy's job.

I've noticed you manage to suck the humour (note spelling) from others wherever you show up. Remember your Desmogblog comments? You had people taking out contracts against you.