Saturday, November 15, 2008

Your Daily Nazi: Nazis Press For Passage Of Lemire Resolution (P-203)

Its out of the Plenary session and, maybe, headed to the floor. Now some of the big-wigs in Canada's Far Right community are trying to put the Lemire Resolution over the top.
Tomasz Winnicki is out there spreading the word, asking his fellow white supremacists to "E-mail Conservative MPS to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act". Trace the link back to Stormfront and you will find, if the site is working (it wasn't earlier), that the man behind this whole outburst of on-line activism is ex-Progressive Conservative Paul Fromm.
Go lads! Help land this hot potato in Stephen Harper's lap!
H/T NoOne Special


Anonymous said...

That's freaking precious... with friends like that who needs enemies 'eh?

Nosferatu200 said...

Since Obama's election, Stormfront servers have been overloaded (so they say) by the number of unregistered guests. As a result they've been occasionally restricting access to the forums to registered users.

Ti-Guy said...

Apparently, the "Save the Nazis" resolution went over big.

The biggest censors around are all very happy and Stormfront is ecstatic. And so am I.