Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ignatieff Makes Leadership Aspirations Official! Gets Bucket Stuck On Head!

Just kidding.

But will the future resemble the past? Will "gaffe prone" become Iggy's middle name? It would certainly be more entertaining that way although, I suppose, bad for democracy.

PS. From same article, Kennedy is officially out!


Anonymous said...

But what inquiring minds really want to know is will BCLSB be Iggyfied by the sheer force of Iggy's bucketheaded super duper greatness?

bigcitylib said...

If Iggyfication involves a sack full of money, then maybe.

penlan said...


Make sure you share the wealth. ;)

bigcitylib said...


My Iggybucks are your Iggybucks.

Ti-Guy said...

If Iggyfication involves a sack full of money, then maybe.

Why you whore...

I can't stand Iggy. The machinations that brought this royal half-wit to prominence in the Liberal party should give everyone pause.

I suspect the World is going to look vastly different by next May, however and no amount of oration by Mr. Empire-Lite is going to change that.

Reality Bites said...

If Kennedy's officially out does that mean he's not running, or he's running and looking for the gay vote?

Unknown said...

Rather than making one's financial means a barrier to entry, how about saying no to "return-trippers"? Anyone who has sought the leadership before but lost should be barred from doing so again.

The recent example of John McCain proves the point. Before the presidential campaign he has just lost, he had attempted to become president once before in 2000 and was roundly rejected. When voters and/or party members say no to a candidate, it means no. At least, they should be banned from leadership races for at least five years.

Since the last one was as recently as 2006, it is doubtful that Ignatieff or Bob Rae can do in 2008 (or 2009) what they failed to do in 2006. They were both turned down by their own party members. The very fact that neither of them managed to win on the first or second ballot with a clear percentage of votes is sufficient proof that Liberals don't exactly feel wowed by them.

Return-trippers like McCain will accomplish only one thing for their party: defeat, defeat and, again, defeat. The Liberals had better take note and learn from the McCain example.