Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess Its Time To Rev Up The Ole Liberal War On Xmas

The Atheists claim they are not trying to offend anyone with deeply held Christian beliefs, but of course we're lying.

By the way I have it on good authority that not only was Santa black, he was morbidly obese.


Ti-Guy said...

CanWest at

If the whole thing goes tits up around the holidays, it'll be the bestest Christmas evah!

Militant Dipper said...

War on xmas already? It seems it comes earlier every year. I haven't even filed any lawsuits to have the word Christ removed from anything yet. I haven't seen Micheal Coren's column complaining about us Godless Liberals and our bloody war against Jesus and Santa yet. Are you sure it really has begun?

ty-guy, CanWest is going down fast. It sure didn't take those boy's long to run Izzy's company into the ground.

bigcitylib said...

It has begun, ML, I heard the dogs singing jingle bells on the radio today.

Militant Dipper said...

Have you seen the one with the cats? that one is creepy man.

MississaugaPeter said...

At this rate, on January 19, 2009, when Bush pardons Black, Conrad will be able to purchase CanWest with his Palm Beach home (and still be able to live in his Bridle Path home).

Like over at Quebecor, the next generation pales when compared to the father.

crf said...

Don't worry, insecure religious folk. Stephen Harper will team up with Layton and Dion to combat this secularist message with a mass mailout of christmas and hanukkah cards!

And Harper's blogging friends will then launch an rabid assault with the "proof by example" of atheism causing evil using Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot, with a Hitler bomb in reserve. Will it finally hit their target?