Friday, July 27, 2012

How Much They Worry About First Nation's Rights, The Environment, And Stuff In Calgary

CALGARY - A public hearing on a proposal to build a pipeline to ship oilsands bitumen from Alberta to the British Columbia coast has been cancelled in Calgary due to a lack of interest.

Kudos to Christy Clark, no matter how late she is to the game or how equivocal her position.  I actually disagree a bit with Rafe Mair on this latest development. The B.C. Libs, NDP, Greens, and Conservatives are all aligned  against the Northern Gateway pipeline as currently conceived.  Since Ms. Redford seems unbending, this amounts to them all being (for the moment at least) aligned against the pipeline.  The future has yet to unfold and we cannot anticipate it.  Nor is there a need to.

And, as an x-BCer, it wouldn't bother me too much if  the folks there did sell out for filthy lucre, even though my personal preference would be for the pipeline to die.  If Enbridge and the blue-eyed sheikhs from Alberta can sweeten the pot enough--with money or safety assurances-- to win over the various First Nations and everyone else affected along the route, then it is really their decision for me to respect.  Most likely though, this will not transpire, in which case I will happily chain myself to the tree  one down from Mr. Mair when the time comes.

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UU4077 said...

Meeting cancelled due to "lack of interest"? They had 15 people that wanted to comment. If even one person wanted to comment they should be holding the meeting.